Bryan, Thomas – executed Irish volunteer

This plaque commemorates Thomas Bryan, who, at the age of 24, in 1921 was hanged for High Treason by the British.

Bryan, a 24 year old electrician, was amongst a group of young volunteers who on 21 January 1921, set out to ambush Black and Tans as they travelled into Dublin city from Gormanstown. Another volunteer was 19 year old Frank Flood, after whom the bridge at Drumcondra was named in 2021.

Having been spotted in Drumcondra the party tried to escape via Gracefield Road and Clonturk Park, but surrendered after one the men was shot and killed.

Tried and found guilty of High Treason, four of the men, Patrick Doyle (29); Francis Xavier Flood (19); Thomas Bryan (24), and Bernard ‘Bertie’ Ryan (21) were hanged at Mountjoy Prison on 14 March 1921.

Thomas Bryan was only recently married, and the pension application, submitted by his grieving family, reveals the poverty in which his parents continued to live at 14 Henrietta Street in the aftermath of his death.

The plaque was erected at 14 Henrietta Street, where Bryan lived at the time of his execution, and was unveiled by Lord Mayor Caroline Conroy on 14 March 2023.

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